Many consider British born Christian songwriter and worship leader, Chris Bowater, to be a Father of the modern worship movement. Coming to prominence in the Charismatic renewal of the late ‘70’s and early 1980s, his songs include “Reign in me,” “Here I am Wholly Available,”  “Jesus shall take the highest honour,” “Holy Spirit we welcome You” and “Lamb of God” and “Faithful God”. His songs have been translated into many languages and used in churches all over the world. He has regularly led worship at major events including Spring Harvest Faith Bible Week, AoG Conference and Grapevine Celebrations. His ministry has impacted many nations. He has trained and mentored generations of worship leaders. He is the co-founder of Worship Academy International and is Senior Pastor of New Life Church Ministries in Sleaford, Lincolnshire, UK.



CAB1Chris & Lesley

Chris and Lesley are immensely grateful to God as the family grow and are blessed. Rachel and Paul, granddaughters Lydia and Eve; Daniel and Jennifer and grandson Leon & granddaughter Imogen Grace; Mark and Becca; Sara & Mark & Hannah, all lead exceptionally full and fulfilling lives and are truly an inspiration and joy to us. We continue to pray that as Christ is central in all things they will pursue Godly dreams, serve with joy, love life and love people and become complete in every facet of their lives.


A Drop In The OceanCAB

From small beginnings! The truth is, back in the 1970’s, I wasn’t seeking a ministry as such, and Praise and Worship was not a concept widely experienced or understood. Hymns and choruses were the order of the day. Neither am I knocking that. We loved singing and were the fore runners to the ‘happy clappy’ brigade! However, when God turns up, well! I belonged to a great Pentecostal Church that got turned over, upside down and inside out by the Holy Spirit. Ironic really, when you consider that Pentecostals felt they had cornered the market on all things ‘Holy Spirit’! And so it was.

The message ‘Let my people go that they may worship me’ ignited a spark that grew into an amazing flame. Songs simply flew out of heaven. Did I write them? No, I caught them! The preacher preached, the prophets declared, the intercessors prayed and I channelled it all into song. The Church began to become a new generation of worshippers. There was immense Joy. Salvation’s occurred during Praise and Worship times. Healing and deliverance were common place. All just a beginning! For me it eventually took me to 52 nations, and counting. Hundreds of songs, training programmes, conferences, recordings, radio and TV programmes ensued. Just one small drop in an ocean! Can’t wait for the next 30 years! (I think I am supposed to write lol after that!)

July 2007 Chris and Lesley Bowater took over responsibility for New Life Church in Sleaford when Chris agreed to become Senior Leader. He has taken this responsibility alongside his other commitments in this country and overseas and particularly his vision for Worship Academy International. Since that time he has agreed to become the Senior Pastor of New Life in Sleaford. The Church greatly appreciates the provision God has made for them in joining Chris and Lesley to the work here in Sleaford at a time such as this. He will be making an essential contribution to building the Church here over the coming years. Most importantly Chris is bringing fresh vision and purpose to us as we move on to new things in the Church, the community and around the world.